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Green Girl Productions is a London based theatre and film production company.

Founded by Mackenzie Thorpe and Drew Horner, this unique company comprises two distinct departments (Stage and Screen) that operate both independently and collaboratively to produce exciting and entertaining work.532162_467909843250392_123133511_n

Green Girl Productions is the brain child of Drew Horner and Mackenzie Thorpe, two actors who met while working Front of House at a major West End venue. A mutual love of writing led to the development of the script for Getting Our Act Together (or G.O.A.T.) and following a chance meeting with director and editor Matt Aucott the core of the company was set. 

A prolific writer, in 2011 Mackenzie decided that it was time to put some of his vast back catalogue of onto the stage. The result was the first GGP stage production, Love in Isolation, at The Space in the Docklands. Since then Green Girl Productions have staged seven theatrical productions, performing everything from new writing to Shakespeare, via Chekhov and a little opera on the way! For more details on past present and future productions click on the Stage or Screen tabs.

In 2012, Nicola Foxfield joined the production team, bringing valuable theatre and marketing expertise gained at the critically acclaimed Hecate Theatre. Since then Nicola has been responsible for producing most of Green Girl Production’s theatre shows and has also dipped her toe into film production.  

As the years passed Drew took a back seat in the company, with Matt Aucott taking a more prominent role in the creative writing process, a position in which he continues to excel at to this day.

Green Girl is currently focusing the majority of its efforts on film production and is enjoying considerable successes at film festivals across the globe. More information available on our Film and Current Productions pages. 

The futures bright, the future’s Green!


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